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10 Ways to Love Your Brain

From the Alzheimer’s Association  Growing evidence indicates that people can reduce their risk of cognitive decline by adopting key lifestyle habits. When possible, combine these habits to achieve maximum benefit for the brain and body. Start now. It’s never too late or too early to incorporate healthy habits. Break a sweat. Engage in regular cardiovascular exercise… Read more »

Caring for Someone with Alzheimer’s Disease

From Alzheimer’s Care Daily Caring with someone who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease presents its own unique challenges. This memory-losing illness is caused when many nerve cells in the brain die, making it nearly impossible to remember old memories, appointments, errands, or even the ability to think clearly. Here are the top 10 early symptoms to… Read more »

What are the signs of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease?

From: Finding Your Way, written by Dr. Linda Rhodes Question: What are the signs of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease? Answer: Dementia is an umbrella term (literally meaning without mind) for the progressive loss of thinking, judgement, and ability to focus and learn. More than half of dementia cases are caused by Alzheimer’s a disease named after… Read more »

5 Ways to Help Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

Source from Everyday Health Eat Smart  Sticking to a healthy, low-fat diet has been linked to Alzheimer’s prevention. One Harvard study of 13,000 women, age 70 and older, found that those who ate the most vegetables — especially green leafy ones (like spinach and romaine lettuce) and cruciferous ones (like broccoli and cauliflower) — experienced a slower… Read more »

Alzheimer’s costs could hit $1.5 trillion a year by 2050, study says

From Alzheimer’s Association E-Newsletter Treating Alzheimer’s disease is already expensive business – now costing the U.S. $307 billion each year. But as the baby boomer population ages, the annual cost of treatment is expected to nearly quintuple to $1.5 trillion, according to a study from the University of Southern California. Published in the Forum for… Read more »

Tips and Strategies for Handling the Difficult Symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease

Source: Alzheimer’s Care Today Personality and behavioral changes do occur in loved ones diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. These present various kinds of challenges to the caregiver. The best way to approach these challenges is to use creativity, flexibility, patience and compassion. There are some useful general rules you may want to follow when dealing with these changes…. Read more »

10 Early Signs and Symptoms of Alzheimer’s

Source: Memory loss that disrupts daily life may be a symptom of Alzheimer’s or another dementia. Alzheimer’s is a brain disease that causes a slow decline in memory, thinking and reasoning skills. There are 10 warning signs and symptoms. Every individual may experience one or more of these signs in different degrees. If you notice… Read more »

Can Slow Walking Speed Be a Determining Factor for Alzheimer’s Disease?

Source from Alzheimer’s Association Newsletter Written by Valerie VanBooven RN BSN July 25, 2014—(BRONX, NY)—A study involving nearly 27,000 older adults on five continents found that nearly 1 in 10 met criteria for pre-dementia based on a simple test that measures how fast people walk and whether they have cognitive complaints. People who tested positive… Read more »

Governor Approves Alzheimer’s State Plan

Source from Pennsylvania Home Care Association Last week, Gov. Tom Corbett announced his approval of the Pennsylvania State Plan for Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders (ADRD), which proposes recommendations and a strategic approach to addressing the growth of the disease and related disorders in Pennsylvania. PHA commends its members who served on the committee for… Read more »

Major New Study Tests Drug to Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

Source from AARP Blog In what some experts are calling the most important Alzheimer’s research of the decade, scientists at 61 medical centers across the country and elsewhere have launched a groundbreaking study to test whether an experimental new medication can protect healthy older adults from the memory loss and brain damage caused by the disease. “Our best chance of really… Read more »