Life at CareGivers America

Welcome to the CareGivers America family.

Employment Information

Please view below a few helpful employment forms, information, and tools.

How to Clock In and Out​

If the above two methods are not working and you have approval from your supervisor, a timesheet may be used.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the “resource” login option
  3. Logon. Your user name will be your email address.
  4. See further instructions here.
  1. Go to:
  2. Enter registration code: CAREGIVEAM-online
    1. You cannot register until the date of your first pay
    2. You must include “–online” in the code
  3. Enter your identifying information (DOB and the last 4 digits of your SSN)
  4. The system will direct you regarding your user ID and password
  5. Once registration is complete, go to the My ADP website listed above and click “login”
  6. For issues with registering or getting locked out of your account, email [email protected] . For all other issues, contact your direct supervisor.

Email completed forms to [email protected] (cc’ing your local office contact) or mail to your local office:

  1. Form W4
  2. Direct Deposit Form (if your bank account name has also changed)
  3. Updated Social Security Card or Drivers License


  1. Tuberculosis Screening Form
  2. Annual Training Form (to be completed upon annual review of Skills Training Material)
  3. Annual Review Form (complete bottom section only)

Take as instructed by your local supervisor. Click Here.

Direct Care Workers are expected to be awake for the entirety of all overnight/sleep-time shifts.

To validate that overnight hours are being provided according to this policy, direct care workers are required to check in at a minimum of every 2 hours throughout the overnight/sleep-time shift using the below electronic form.

This requirement is in addition to the required electronic visit verification at the time of clock in and out which verifies the location, type, scope, amount, frequency, and duration of services provided. To clarify the combined use of EVV and the Overnight Verification Form, please see the below example:

11:00 PM EVV Clock In

1:00 AM Overnight Verification Form Check In

3:00 AM Overnight Verification Form Check In

5:00 AM Overnight Verification Form Check In

7:00 AM EVV Clock Out

Continuing Education

CareGivers America is dedicated to continuing education efforts for our CareGivers, Nurses, Therapists, and administrative staff. We believe our organization is made stronger by the continuing education of our employees and have the provided the following avenues for FREE and discounted educational opportunities.

FREE “My Learning Center” for Home Care Workers 

Improve the care you give and learn more about the people you serve by taking these FREE video training courses. Offered in a convenient, online format, these videos include real-life scenarios, computer graphics and dramatizations that will increase your knowledge and understanding of: How medication works, Dementia and Alzheimer’s, Levels of pain, Infection prevention, Consumer-centered care, Family dynamics, and much more!