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RESOURCE: Falls and Fractures

Source from Life Senior Services A simple fall can change your life. Just ask any of the thousands of older men and women who fall each year and break, or fracture, a bone. One third of older adults will fall. One third of those who fall will die. One third will never be able to… Read more »

Q and A: Falling risks, even with a walker

Question: Is it true that walkers can cause people to fall? My wife uses one and she seems to have trouble handling it.  Answer: Walkers, canes, and other assistive devices are a tremendous help in staving off falls and for good reason: Every year about a million and a half older people are injured from… Read more »

Q and A: My husband is subject to falls. What should I do?

Question: My husband has recently fallen three times and laughs it off, but I’m worried that something is wrong. What should I do? Answer: Plenty of comedians have been falling or tripping for years to get a quick laugh from their audience. But, it sure isn’t  a laughing matter when you’re older: Every year nearly… Read more »

Are Blood Pressure Drugs Worth the Falls?

Source from the The New York Times, Written By PAULA SPAN Are Blood Pressure Drugs Worth the Falls? For older Americans, high blood pressure is a fact of life. By one common estimate, more than 70 percent of those over age 70 contend with it. That means medication to lower blood pressure has become a fact of life, too…. Read more »