When you or your loved one need therapy at home, ask for CareGivers America Therapy. We have 40+ Full-Time Therapists on staff, with weekend visits available for post-surgical patients.

Our expert and skilled physical, occupational, and speech therapists are dedicated to using an evidence-based approach to therapy to achieve measurable outcomes.

One of our caregivers providing in-home physical therapy for an elderly patients

CareGivers America Specialty Therapy Programs include:

  • Therapists certified in the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment BIG & LOUD Programs: Behavioral Treatment Programs for Speech and Body Movement in Parkinson’s Disease
  • Our orthopedic team provides comprehensive post-joint replacement care, with proven results that get our patients back to doing the things they love quickly and with less pain.
  • Speech therapy services benefit anyone having difficulty swallowing food, pills, or liquids, or presenting symptoms of dementia or memory deficits.
  • Maintenance therapy is designed to keep patients out of the hospital and is ideal for patients with neurological conditions, chronic progressive diseases, and those with repeated falls.

We also provide:

  • Comprehensive fall risk management utilizing functional tools including the Timed Up & Go Test (TUG) and Berg Balance Test
  • Functional strengthening to improve motor control for transfers and walking
  • Pain management, including use of TENS and ultrasound with phonophoresis
  • Activities of daily living training to regain independence
  • Utilization of KELS test for geriatric population

Our Therapists can provide skilled care to patients under both Medicare Part A & Part B, allowing optimal utilization of services while minimizing out-of-pocket expenses to the patient.

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