Due to the Covid-19 virus the PA governor has closed all adult day centers in PA until April 30. We will keep you informed if this date changes. If any assistance is needed they can call the Center Director directly at 215-779-1010.


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Imagine a place where your loved ones can feel a real sense of purpose. A place where laughter is the medicine, friendship is the means and activities abound. A home away from home where people are surrounded by love, respect, dignity and compassion. Imagination is no longer necessary. Welcome to Sarah Care Adult Day Care Center of Jenkintown! The purpose of Sarah Care is to offer seniors in Montgomery County and throughout most of the Greater Philadelphia area supervised recreation and health-related services during the day. Care in our facility is often an alternative to nursing home care, thus allowing seniors to continue to live at home and providing respite care for the adult child or spouse who is the primary caregiver. At SarahCare Adult Day Care Center, we create a vibrant and social community for your senior loved one. Family caregivers will have peace of mind knowing that their aging parent or senior loved one is spending the day in a safe, fun, and socially engaging environment while receiving both expert and quality care. Our adult day center in Montgomery County offers more than just day care for the elderly in and around Philadelphia – it is a unique, high-class experience where seniors can feel pampered and empowered to live independently. Our adult day center is designed similar to an upscale hotel with high-end furniture, state-of-the-art appliances, and the utmost customer service.

Below are a few of our offerings that make Sarah Care Adult Day Center a daily place of enjoyment for your loved one:


Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy

Physical and Occupational Therapy Services are offered on site. Our Therapists are highly trained, credentialed, and dedicated to their patients’ wellbeing.


Comprehensive chair exercises are led by our trained staff, encouraging functional and healthy movements.


We offer a nutritious breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snacks for our participants during the hours of 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Extended hours are also available. Lunch is catered every day to deliver meals that are not just healthy, but taste good too!

Garden Therapy

During spring and summer, our participants can enjoy planting flowers and gardening.

Intergenerational Activities

Intergenerational programs are designed to bring together two very different generations, elders and children, to promote the support and resources they can offer one another. As a result, the two learn from each other, sharing their feelings, ideas, skills, and affection. We encourage the interaction of children from infancy to high school age students with our participants.


Safe transportation to and from the center is provided by our trained drivers in our comfortable vans.

Nursing Assistance

A professional staff person at our day care center can care for those with physical or cognitive impairments, including Alzheimer’s patients, older patients living with dementia, and adults with special needs. Our day care center also offers respectful help for senior’s with continence problems. Our in-house nursing staff prescribes participants medicine as needed.

Beauty/Barber Services

Our facility is equipped with a day spa where participants can get their hair cut and their nails done in our salon

Men’s Club

Senior men often feel left out in conventional adult day services; we offer special activities and bonding experiences for elderly men to foster inclusion and engagement.

Financial Assistance

We are licensed for outside funding opportunities and will help you arrange financial assistance from numerous third-party payer sources.

Pet Therapy

Having a pet can help lower a person’s stress and blood pressure. At Sarah Care, volunteers bring in professionally trained, well-behaved therapy pets to mingle with our guests. Your loved ones can enjoy the positive experiences of interacting with an affectionate animal, in a safe and controlled setting.

Arts & Crafts

At our facility, we have devoted several different rooms for various arts and crafts projects to keep hands and minds nimble. Such activities include sewing, knitting, card making, painting, baking, woodworking.

Compassionate Day Care for Adults with Dementia

Adults living with dementia need a special kind of care every day, and at Sarah Care Adult Day Care Center in Montgomery County, PA, our staff is trained to go above and beyond basic nursing care. Our day care program is ideal for Alzheimer’s patients and older adults struggling with dementia. This kind of cognitive impairment can have a huge impact on a patient’s mood and personality, not to mention their self-esteem and ability to connect with others.

The caregivers at our adult day care center approach dementia patients with compassion and patience, knowing it takes time for these adults to process information and express their feelings. We are sensitive to each patient’s specific needs and adjust our care to maximize their comfort and quality of life.

Please contact our Montgomery County day care center for more information on the care we offer for older dementia patients in the Philadelphia area.

Day Care for the Elderly — And Much More

Since the 1990s, CareGivers America has served residents of Pennsylvania as a leading provider of day care for the elderly, as well as adults and children with special needs. In addition to our first-rate day care centers, we offer all of the following services:

If you have any questions about CareGivers America or would like to discuss your specific needs with a representative, please don’t hesitate to give your local CareGivers America office a call today.

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