Recipe of the Week: Healthy Popsicles!

From Everyday Health

Popsicles are a warm-weather favorite. You may be used to picking up a box from the freezer aisle, but these treats are actually one of the easiest homemade desserts to make. Simply mix, pour, and freeze — what could be easier? What’s more, the bright, artificially-flavored pops aren’t exactly healthy, but going homemade allows you to cut out added sugars and add in super food ingredients like Greek yogurt, leafy greens, and avocados.

Take advantage of fresh, seasonal fruits and veggies, and whip up one of these six mouthwatering recipes that’ll be perfect for your Memorial Day bash or as a guilt-free treat to store in your freezer when sweet cravings hit. If you don’t have an ice-pop mold, don’t worry! You can easily use mini paper cups. Simply fill them with the mix of your choice, insert a wooden popsicle stick, and freeze. Then peel off the paper cup when you’re ready to enjoy.