Nursing Home Statistics Surrounding COVID-19

A few months into the COVID-19 pandemic, the data began to suggest that nursing homes and personal care home facilities would be at high risk due to the nature of the aggregate age demographic of residents and the viruses disproportionately intensive effects on both seniors and individuals with preexisting conditions.

Due to this, CareGivers America, one of Pennsylvania’s leading home health care providers, has been honored to step into the breach for the citizens of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, ensuring above all that our current and future staff and, our current and future patients,m remain safe and healthy during these difficult times, with a focus on following CDC protocol, going above and beyond with the supply and re-supply of essential PPE, and instituting an intensive COVID-19 reporting infrastructure, overseen directly by our Vice President, Tracy Cadden, RN, MSN. 

Take a look at these statistics that explain how COVID-19 has disproportionately affected our nursing homes and personal care home partners throughout the Commonwealth, as they struggled and, thankfully, began and continue to overcome the effects of the pandemic on the senior population of Pennsylvania. 

For more information regarding our safety measures or caregiver services throughout Pennsylvania, please contact CareGivers America today!



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