New Report Stresses Importance of Family Caregivers, Calls for New Supportive Technology

Source: PHA, Pennsylvania Homecare Association

Almost 40% of American adults are family caregivers, and although the vast majority of healthcare is actually provided by families, not healthcare professionals, the efforts of family caregivers get little attention, according to a new report released by the National Alliance for Caregiving. The report, which was developed by a panel of national experts, stresses the importance of technology in helping these caregivers get treatment information, manage medications and search for services. It calls for additional technology to help lighten the burden on family caregivers by helping them coordinate the demanding tasks and complex networks of relationships involved with caring for their family members.

The report also stresses the importance of ongoing research on family caregivers, especially the diversity of caregiver roles and responsibilities, what caregiving involves day to day and how much it impacts those around the caregiver.

PHA’s 2013 report on the economic impact of the homecare and hospice industry found that Pennsylvania alone has more than 1.37 million family caregivers who provide more than $14.5 billion in care.

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