Increase the Quality of Life for Adults Living With a Disability

Some older adults have utilized at-home care services throughout their entire lives due to disability at birth or from an accident or traumatic event. Receiving the highest level of at-home care is vital to improving a disabled individual’s quality of life, building confidence, and empowering independence.

Caregivers America is a leading provider of home care services in Pennsylvania. We offer comprehensive care to all those who require a helping hand. Our at-home caregivers are thoroughly trained to provide the highest quality care to you or your loved one.

Here are some of the benefits of at-home care for individuals living with a disability:


Providing Comprehensive Services for Disabled Adults

Individuals living with a disability have many care options to choose from, but most prefer care in a home-based setting because it allows them to remain healthy and happy in the comfort of their home. 

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities often lack the ability to provide customized care, a necessity when caring for adults with different disabilities and lifestyle goals. Home care services, like those offered by Caregivers America, offer a personalized touch, customized to an individual’s unique needs, often in conjunction with our Service Coordination and Managed Care/Insurance partners, including but not limited to UPMC for You, Keystone First/AmeriHealth Caritas, and PA Health & Wellness. 

Improves Quality of Life for Family Members

Home care services can relieve stress on family members who are currently taking care of an individual living with a disability. Not only do caregivers reduce the work strain within the home, but they can also act as another source of support for adults living with a disability. 

Reducing stress within the home leads to a happier family that is able to enjoy time with one another rather than worrying about what tasks need to be completed next.

Building Confidence and a Sense of Independence

At-home care services can build the confidence of individuals with disabilities. While nursing homes and assisted living facilities maintain an individual’s health, they often struggle to strengthen patients’ sense of accomplishment and feeling of independence. With at-home care services, adults living with disabilities can build their self-esteem by facing tasks with their caregivers together. This will build confidence and, ultimately, lead to a better quality of life.

Catering to the Individual Need

Individuals living with disabilities face unique and diverse circumstances that may need to be addressed differently on a day-to-day basis. Home care services offer patients and their family members customized care options that lead to better health outcomes and personal fulfillment.

Caregivers America is a premier provider of home care services throughout Pennsylvania, with 23 local offices serving 40+ counties. We also offer skilled nursing home care for seniors and individuals with disabilities from our highly specialized Home Health Division. The Caregivers America team is dedicated to providing high-quality care to meet the needs of our community’s most vulnerable populations. For more information about our wide range of home care services, contact Caregivers America today.

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