What is the difference between Home Health and Home Care in Pennsylvania?

The major difference is that Home Health is skilled care provided by nurses and therapists, while Home Care is non-skilled care for activities of daily living, such as meal preparation, bathing, grooming, transportation, housekeeping, and the like.

Are staff insured and bonded?

Yes, all caregivers are W2 employees of CareGivers America and as such are insured and bonded through the company.

Are your employees pre-screened?

CareGivers America verifies work history, credentials, and references and performs thorough background checks. Our health care professionals also undergo an in-depth interview process, hands-on skills assessments, and annual skills assessments with ongoing training and supervision after hire. They must also demonstrate a commitment to delivering care with compassion, excellence, and reliability.

Are you available 24/7?

Our Care Coordinators are on call 24/7. Our caregivers can provide around the clock care.

What is the minimum hours per shift you provide?

One Hour.

Can I verify the hours and services that the CareGiver completed with my love one?

Yes, you can. We can give you access to our online scheduling system to view the hours and services that the CareGivers provided.

Why should I go with an agency instead of hiring someone myself?

By going with an agency, you will have peace of mind with insured and bonded caregivers caring for your loved one(s). Many clients request the agency model to insure coverage when a primary caregiver is sick or on vacation.

Where can I receive outpatient therapy services from CareGivers America therapists?

In any of our outpatient therapy centers located in: Clarks Summit, Kingston, Forest City, Hughesville, and Berwick. You can also receive services at home if you aren’t under a home health plan of care and if your treatment does not require any special equipment.

My family member is in the hospital, how do I coordinate home health care services? Do I have to call myself?

Your discharge planner or case worker will coordinate to have your doctor sign any orders for home health care services. You should let them know specifically which agency you want to provide your care – be specific and let them know if you’ve already spoken to a CareGivers America representative. We would be happy to talk to your case worker directly to coordinate your discharge home – having these conversations prior to the day of discharge makes for a smoother transition for everyone involved.

What are home accessibility adaptations?

Home Accessibility Adaptations are modifications made to your home environment that allow you to meet maximum functioning capabilities despite physical limitations. We install wood or aluminum wheelchair ramps, vertical platform lifts, stair glides, bathroom refits, doorway expansion, and provide other general handyman repairs. Government funding often can help pay for these modifications.

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