Growing Old Gracefully – The Royal Way!

The Queen of Great Britain, Elizabeth II, has just turned 92, but she still has the grace, eloquence, and vigor as if she is still 22! Of course, as one of the most influential and privileged women in the world, she does have access to diamond encrusted healthcare, but this is not the whole answer. At Sarahcare, we’ve investigated the ways the Queen has kept herself healthy into old age so that you can learn from the best and prolong your quality of life!

Keep on moving

While Queen Elizabeth (affectionately known a Lizzy in the UK) has grown up playing polo and being a keen walker on the thousands of hectares of land she owns in the UK, she has also managed to keep active by being an avid dog walker. Getting out and about with the Corgis (she’s owned more than 30 since she’s been queen) is the perfect way to get regular, light exercise that the doctor recommends. If you can’t get a sweet little dog, or you’re not really a dog person, try starting a walking club with friends to make your light exercise time a social event!

Sipping on a brew

Like all true Brits, the Queen likes a good cup of tea. Tea, while full of caffeine like coffee, is also full of anti-oxidants that keep your skin nice a healthy and reduce the signs of aging. If you’re not into English Breakfast Tea with a “dash” of milk (which is traditional for British tea drinkers), try drinking Green Tea or Red Bush Tea, which are both healthy for the skin.

Love is all you need

The Beatles may have got it right with their 1967 hit song Love is all you need. This philosophy is followed by the queen who has been happily married for 70 years! Many people would argue that being married is stressful, but research shows that happily married couples are less likely to suffer from stress, which increases the signs of aging. Invest your time in good relationships whether its a marriage or a new best friend and reap the benefits of love!

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