An Open Letter to All CareGivers America’s Patients, Participants, CareGivers, Nurses, Therapists, Healthcare Partners, along with their family, friends, and communities

We are all, unquestionably, witnessing difficult times during the Coronavirus, COVID-19 pandemic. As we navigate these uncharted waters know that CareGivers America is with you. We are with your mother and father, we are with your grandmother and grandfather. We are there providing care and comfort in uncomfortable times because our most at risk community needs it. We are there walking with you, holding your hand, because it’s okay to be afraid, but you can trust that with CareGivers America you will not have to be alone in these times. We will continue to be there for the ones you love because they are the ones we are honored to serve and support. 

We at CareGivers America are dedicated to providing the same high level care through this difficult time that we always have for our participants and patients. With so many things changing daily we feel it’s important for those we serve to feel a sense of consistency in their care, and we want our caregivers to feel a similar confidence. 

We could not be prouder of our CareGivers during this health crisis. They are demonstrating levels of bravery and compassion through so much adversity, embodying the CareGivers America spirit. We are proud of their willingness to go out into the field and into our participant’s homes to, simply put, keep them at home with care and comfort. 

We are equally dedicated to ensuring the health and safety of our CareGivers and office staff and we are taking every measure within our control to do so. It’s of the utmost importance that we match the bravery of our CareGivers, Nurses, and Therapists, and that we provide support and encouragement that extends even beyond the end of their shifts. We understand that when our dedicated staff walk through their own doors after their shift or visit ends that your shift as a mother, a father, a husband, a wife, a son, a daughter, a friend, a community member begins and at caregivers America we take care of our family.

For all CareGivers America COVID-19 updates please visit our dedicated website page,

Sincerely, Pedro Vazquez | Regional Manager, CareGivers America

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