Caregivers in the Garden

From Approved Senior Network, written by Brenda Funk
It’s summer and that means gardening season is underway. For those who want to garden and grow their plant seedlings, they would have had to get their garden planted by now. For those who are planning to go to a nursery to pick up tomato plants, cucumber plants, and whatever other vegetables they wish to grow, now is the time to seriously get started with it.
Your mother may have some physical challenges and limitations, but that doesn’t mean she can’t garden this year. She may have been gardening for most of her adult life, and it’s a great activity that can provide her some wonderful exercise. This year, though, with the challenges she’s been facing and the difficulty she has getting around safely on her own, she may have given up the dream of gardening once again.
If so, consider home care as a great option.
In fact, and experienced home care aide can provide many benefits to seniors. First, they can provide a great deal of physical support that can assist an elderly person getting out of bed, getting dressed, preparing meals, and even getting out to the store or going to a doctor’s appointment.
Second, they provide companionship that can be invaluable, especially for somebody who has been living alone for some time. Third, they often help support seniors in pursuing activities and other interests that are important to them. For example, a home care aide from an agency can help your mother get that garden going this year.
Home care aides are not housekeepers or gardeners.
It’s important to realize there is a distinction between assisting somebody and doing all the work themselves. If your mother doesn’t have the ability to till the soil, she may have to call on a landscaper or a neighborhood teenager who is looking for some extra cash to do that very work.
A home care aide shouldn’t be expected to do that, even with a heavy machine. Just as home care aides aren’t going to be cleaning the house regularly, they can still assist with many of those tasks.
For gardening, that home care aide can help your mother get out to the garden, get the right plant she needs, and get down on their knees and get them into the soil. From there, an experienced home care aide may be able to help weed the garden, water the garden, and help your mother take care of it and watch it grow.
Home care is a great support for seniors for many wonderful things, including doing what they enjoy most.

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