CareGivers America’s “Profiles in Courage,” Series #1: Jody Johnson-Turner

Jody Johnson-Turner, CGA Manager — SEPA Development & Patient Relations

To know Jody is to love Jody, to work with Jody is to both love and respect Jody.

Jody Johnson-Turner Doing What She Loves

Jody Johnson-Turner Doing What She Loves!

Jody Johnson-Turner is CGA’s Southeastern PA’s Manager of Development and Patient Relations, a leadership role that came natural to a home health care veteran of many years experience, many years of helping to empower so many Pennsylvania seniors and individuals with disabilities to remain in their own homes and their own communities. To try and count how many Philadelphians Jody has helped attain this ideal, this goal, this right, is to both overwhelm the counter and astonish the reader.

In the late winter of 2020 the terrible coronavirus pandemic, epidemiologists dispassionately named, “COVID-19,” a simple acronym and number none of us now will ever forget, came to first takeover our news headlines, then to overwhelm our healthcare systems, then to dominate our daily lives, and then ultimately to sicken and even kill so many of our family members, our friends, our neighbors, and our fellow citizens. In the early days of COVID-19 there were many “healthcare heroes,” and Jody Johnson-Turner was and still is most certainly one of them.

All of us had a fear strike us in those early days, a fear that today we Pennsylvanians can proudly say has been wrestled to the ground, not yet defeated, but certainly weakened through our collective efforts. A tall order was asked of us all, but an even taller order was asked of our first-responders and healthcare workers during a time when the understanding of this deadly virus was scarce and the increasingly important Personal Protective Equipment we’ve all come to call now simply, “PPEs,” were even scarcer — there was to be no sheltering in place for our healthcare heroes. They still went to work, shift after shift, fighting this terrible battle, and our Jody was and is 100% one of those heroes.

Jody, along with CareGivers America’s Philadelphia leadership team, spearheaded a bold but innovative and ultimately necessary plan, to bring PPE shipments that CGA was lucky to secure through our extraordinary Simplura Health Group parent company, directly to our thousands of dedicated Philadelphia Area-based Direct Care Workers (DCW) and Home Health Aides (HHAs), within their own communities, in an effort to make unnecessary travel and planning an afterthought. Through many years as a leader in her community Jody was able to strike a partnership with the Philadelphia Police Department, where they would make ready nine of their stations to allow her and then just a skeleton crew of CGA Development staff to use those well-positioned locations as an anchor where CGA could distribute critical PPEs to our extraordinary front line workers.

To this day those resupply missions are directly overseen by Jody every single Tuesday and Thursday, in a tireless effort to ensure all of our DCWs have access to the equipment they require to provide the support their participants need now more than ever, with the ultimate goal of ensuring they have every chance to remain in their homes and their communities with safety, comfort and compassion.

Despite taking every recommended protective precaution, Jody has undoubtedly put herself very much on the front lines since March, a month that seems like forever ago. She has done this critical task two days a week, 9-5, without fail. Jody, despite her senior leadership position and her role not in direct patient care, did not need to first improvise and then implement this initiative, she could have “hung back,” but that’s not who Jody Johnson-Turner is, it’s not why her team places their trust in her, but it is why Jody is CareGivers America’s first of many “Profiles of Courage” blog series, where we will highlight either an Office Staff Member, CareGiver, Nurse or Therapist who goes above and beyond for those we serve.

When Jody is not saving the world she’s a mother, a wife, a sister, a community member, and the lead singer of the best darn R&B/Soul/Gospel/Funk band this side of the Delaware! Thank you Jody for all you do for the participants and patients we are honored and entrusted to serve before, during, and after COVID-19 — you are a true inspiration to us all.


Marcus Primavera, CGA Director of Business Development

Jody with her team lighting up the room wherever she goes

Jody with her team lighting up the room wherever she goes

Some beautiful quotes about Jody from her team in their own words:

“Jody is one of the most amazing people I have ever worked with. She is caring, compassionate, loving ,respectful, honest , and she goes above and beyond to help others. She hired me many years ago and she has helped me enormously; I’m very proud of her work and all she does for the company and for her community. We love her very much” Paola, CGA SEPA Patient Services Liaison

“When I think of Ms. Jody Three words come to mind. Determined, versatile and Diva. When she puts her mind to do something nothing can stop her. Whether it’s working in the office, running an event or singing as the lead singer of the “Smooth Edge” band she does all with grace. No matter what Ms. Jody does it will be in style. You can’t help but look up to her as the perfect role model. Thank you for making me push my limits and want to be a better person.” Jasmine, CGA SEPA Patient Services Liaison

“Wow where do I start? ❤️ Jody has been the rock of our Marketing team since our Sarah Care days and still is 💪🏽she keeps us grounded and above water, always willing without any hesitation to go above & beyond for ANYONE always going the extra mile ❤️ Jody takes her job seriously and loves what she does 💯 and that’s what makes her awesome“ 😘 Yess, CGA SEPA Patient Services Liaison

“Jody has been an inspiration, a role model to what is being a strong successful person to me. Jody has marked a huge impact in my life and I have cherished every moment with her. She is a very supportive and joyful person! Jody, thank you for being YOU!” 🦋 Jessica, CGA SEPA Patient Services Liaison

CGA Development Family is honored to have you with us!

CGA Development Family is honored to have you with us!

And tune in on June 12th, from 10am-12pm, for a live, 100% free streaming performance of Jody’s incredible, “Smooth Edge Band,” to help get us moving and put some smiles on our faces after some very hard months. And even if that means our dancing and singing for now is to be in our living rooms, Jody and her band promise to make you feel like you’re right there with her — we can’t wait Jody!

Event details, including special guests, how to login and watch info, and official event flyer coming soon

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