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The CareGivers America mission has been and always will be, simply, “keep people home!” But that mission is only accomplished by the extraordinary dedication, professionalism, and compassion of our CareGivers, Nurses and Therapists. And for those of us in administration, in office operations, our mission is also simple, to support our front-line home healthcare heroes not just because the work they do is important but because the work they do is hard.

A motivated, empowered CareGiver helps facilitate the empowerment of the participants and patients we serve to remain in their own homes and their own communities. We strive to promote a company culture which is positive, open, supportive, and enriching. We are constantly improving our benefits, our employee perks program, our tuition discount partnerships, and a hundred other process flows and agency structuring to show not just tell our CareGivers that they are appreciated and they are supported.

We are proud to offer our front-line staff a wide range of benefits and perks, including but not limited to: direct deposit, paid time off, paid training, Direct Care Worker of the Month recognitions and awards, the ability to create your own schedule, helping you find clients close to home, overseeing meet & greet visits with clients prior to making a caregiver/client match, a wide-ranging employee discount program, free CGA-branded scrub tops, gloves & tote bags, and free background checks & tb screenings.

And the pride we feel towards our front-line staff, our home healthcare heroes, as they continued to do their jobs through the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic, at a time when staying at home is critical for not only the seniors and individuals with disabilities we serve, but also to help our community hospitals from becoming overwhelmed as they struggled and continue to struggle with the surge of COVID-19 patients. Within weeks of the pandemic’s first surge, we secured every essential PPE item we could get our hands on, sparing no expense. We also created innovative and safe ways to distribute those PPE supplies to our front-line staff, from the neighborhoods of Philly to the rural farmlands and mountains and small towns communities we serve throughout the great and diverse Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

But with all the aforementioned supports we provide, all the benefits and perks, and all the care from our care coordinators & administrators, we know we are not perfect. We make mistakes. We don’t always properly or effectively communicate that incredibly important support to our front-line staff. And those process flows and operational systems sometimes fail. But just as in life, we believe it’s important to face those failures head on, to analyze the situation, to make necessary changes if needed, and to make it right. Companies are just a bunch of people who work together and just as no human being is perfect, no company is perfect either.

So as we strive to be better, we are excited to begin rolling out many new employee-facing initiatives and recognition programs in 2021 and included in those initiatives will be a more robust CareGiver satisfaction and feedback program so that we can continually augment our support of our amazing employees, improving day by day, month by month, and year by year.

And that said, we can start today by encouraging all our employees, especially our front-line staff, to leave us a review on one or all of the online job sites we currently use; we want both the positive and negative, the good and the bad.

You can find our company profile pages, where you can leave a review, including anonymous reviews, by clicking on the following links and clicking on the reviews section. Your feedback is not only requested but encouraged!


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