33 Restaurants That Offer Senior Discounts

Growing old comes with its share of perks.
In addition to retiring and spoiling grandchildren, seniors get to access a host of discounts on retail, travel and entertainment. Seniors also enjoy trimmer checks at restaurants across the country, from time-honored family restaurants to fast-food joints and cozy ice cream parlors.

Read on to discover 33 restaurants with senior discounts. (Take note: Unless otherwise stated, these discounts are typically available to seniors over the age of 55. Participation may vary at different locations, so be sure to call your local restaurant to confirm the discount.)
Article and Information provided by Maria Lalonde

A&W Restaurants: 10 percent off. Select A&W Restaurants offer a 10 percent senior discount, though the discount amount may vary by location.
Applebee’s: 10 percent to 15 percent off. Most Applebee’s locations have discontinued the “Golden Apple Card” program, the restaurant chain’s original senior discount offering. However, many locations continue to provide a senior discount ranging from 10 percent to 15 percent.
Arby’s: 10 percent off. Many locations offer a 10 percent discount for seniors. Others provide seniors with a discounted soft drink.
Back Yard Burgers: Free drink with purchase. This Mississippi-based burger joint grills up black Angus beef burgers along with a selection of chicken and turkey sandwiches. Back Yard Burgers treats senior guests to a free soft drink with their meal.
Ben & Jerry’s: 10 percent off for customers 60 and older. Ben & Jerry’s doles out ice cream cups, cones, milkshakes and sundaes. At most locations, a 10 percent senior discount is available for customers over 60.
Bennigan’s: Discount for customers 60 and older. This Irish-themed restaurant pairs pub favorites and burgers with draft beers. Discounts vary by location and are available to diners over age 60.
Big Boy Restaurants: Discount for customers 60 and older. Many Big Boy Restaurants offer varying senior discounts to guests over 60.
Bonanza Steakhouse: $1 off on Wednesdays and special menu. This steakhouse provides a senior menu with sirloin, chicken and more at special prices. The steakhouse also hosts a Senior Discount Day every Wednesday when older diners get $1 off their meals.
Boston Market: Discounts for customers 65 and older. Boston Market dishes out generous portions of American comfort foods. Most locations offer a senior discount to diners over 65.
Bruster’s: 25 cents off for customers 60 and older. The ice cream shop hooks up customers over 60 with “Kid at Heart” cards, which entitle the bearer to 25 cents off future purchases.
Burger King: 10 percent off, with additional discounts on drinks for customers 60 and older. Select Burger King locations take 10 percent off senior orders and offer additional discounts on coffee and soft drinks.
Captain D’s: Discounts on Sunday and Wednesday for customers 62 and older. Variouslocations of this casual seafood spot offer senior discounts to diners over 62 on different days of the week – usually Sunday and Wednesday.
Cicis Pizza: Varies. Many Cicis locations grant a 10 percent discount to seniors over 60. Others offer a free drink with its buffet.
Chili’s: 10 percent off. This casual dining chain will take 10 percent off the check of diners over the age of 55.
Dairy Queen: 10 percent off or free small drink. Many Dairy Queen locations offer a 10 percent senior discount. Others hand out free small drinks to diners over 55.
Denny’s: 55+ menu. Denny’s treats seniors to a special 55+ menu, featuring low prices on dishes like French toast, omelets and sandwiches. Many locations also offer a senior discount and 15 percent off for AARP members.
Einstein Bros. Bagels: 10 percent off baker’s dozen for customers 60 and older. This bagel joint hooks up seniors over 60 with 10 percent off a baker’s dozen of bagels.
El Pollo Loco: 10 percent off for customers 60 and older. The rotisserie chicken eatery provides a 10 percent discount with a maximum value of $1 for seniors over 60.
Fuddruckers: 10 percent off any senior platter. Fuddruckers stacks specialty burgers with custom toppings like smokehouse bacon, fried egg and fresh guacamole. The restaurant offers a senior platter with a burger and side at 10 percent off.
Golden Corral: Varies. Many Golden Corral locations invite guests over 60 to their “Early Bird Senior Special,” which includes buffet access at discount pricing at certain times of day.
Hardee’s: 33 cent beverages or 10 percent discount. Some locations treat seniors to 33 cent soft drinks. Others provide a 10 percent senior discount.
IHOP: 55+ Menu. IHOP accommodates older diners with a 55+ menu with pancakes, omelets and other breakfast favorites at special prices.
Jack in the Box: Up to 20 percent off. Discounts vary from location to location, with some spots offering up to 20 percent off.
KFC: 10 percent off or free small drink with any meal. Many locations offer a senior discount of 5 percent to 10 percent. Others treat seniors to a free small drink with meal purchase.
Krispy Kreme: 10 percent off for customers over 50. Many locations provide 10 percent off to customers over 50, though discount and age requirement may vary by location.
McDonald’s: Discounted coffee and drinks. Many McDonald’s locations offer discounted or free coffee and beverages to seniors.
Shoney’s: 10 percent discount for customers 60 and older. Participating buffets offer a senior discount to adults 60 and older.
Sonic: 10 percent discount or free drink. The nostalgic drive-in sends drivers home with burgers, hot dogs and other fast-food favorites. Sonic locations often provide a 10 percent discount or complimentary soft drink to seniors over 60.
Steak ‘n Shake: 10 percent off on Monday and Tuesday for customers 50 and older. On Monday and Tuesday, many locations offer a 10 percent discount to diners over 50.
Taco Bell: 5 percent off with free drink for customers 65 and older. Participating locations treat seniors over 65 to 5 percent off their meal and a free soft drink.
TCBY: 10 percent off. TCBY swirls up cups of frozen yogurt, which customers can top with fresh fruit, candy, nuts and other treats. Participating locations provide a 10 percent discount to guests over 55.
Whataburger: Free drink with meal purchase. Many Whataburger restaurants offer free soft drinks to paying customers over the age of 55.
White Castle: 10 percent off for customers 62 and older. At participating locations, diners over 62 can get sliders, fries and more at 10 percent off.

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