Why A Bubble Bath May Not Be The Best Alzheimer's Care Idea

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From Alzheimer’s Care Daily
Relaxing in the tub surrounded by luxurious hot water and bubbles is, for many people, a great way to unwind after a long day at work. For the Alzheimer’s care provider, they may be looking for different things to do with the patient or ways to help them relax.
Dealing with Alzheimer’s is not always easy for patients. Some patients may feel overwhelmed with their diagnosis, worry about what the next day is going to bring, or feel guilty about things that happened during the day. They may also be anxious and frustrated with the fact that they know they should remember something but can’t exactly conjure it up from their memories.
Depending on the situation, an Alzheimer’s patient might appear tense, anxious, and wary about certain things. For those Alzheimer’s care providers who enjoy soaking in a nice hot tub every once in a while, it may seem to make perfect sense to suggest doing this for the patient.
There are some things that could complicate the situation, though. Keep in mind that an Alzheimer’s patient may be more sensitive to certain sensory perceptions. Getting into a hot bathtub might cause them a great deal more anxiety than you may anticipate.
It’s all going to depend on their current mental state of mind and other factors, of course, and each person is going to react differently to various situations. One individual who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s may not have any problems stepping into a hot tub, especially one that has bubbles. Another individual may be incredibly anxious and scared about the prospect.
They may look at the bubbles in the water and wonder what could be waiting for them beneath the surface. To the average individual this isn’t very logical or reasonable, but for an individual who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s it may very well be a real fear.
Encouraging an Alzheimer’s patient to bathe on a regular basis could pose its own challenges and therefore thinking about encouraging them to take a bath might make perfect sense. Always evaluate the patient on an individual basis and if they do not show any concern or fear about water, whether washing their hands, doing dishes in the kitchen, or anything else, then gradually upgrade them to bath time.
If they show any anxiety about water in a tub or other situation, then a nice, hot bubble bath may not be the best Alzheimer’s care idea.
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