What is Private Duty Home Care?

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From Quality of Life Publishing
It can be hard when you or a loved one sturggles with day-to-day tasks. You might feel tired or worried about the future. You may wonder how you will be able to handle care. Where do you turn? Private duty home care can help.
Home care is a fast-growing area of health care. That’s because it keeps you  in the comfort of your own home. Private duty home care does the tasks that family, friends, or other caregivers might do. Above all, you are treated with the dignity and respect you deserve.
What is Private Duty Home Care? 
Private duty home care is non-medical care that helps with “activities of daily living” (ADLs). Many people don’t think about ADLs until it gets hard to do them. Common ADLs include daily personal care such as:

  • Bathing and feeding
  • Going to the bathroom
  • Grooming and dressing
  • Moving around the house

Private duty home care also helps with managing the household. Other daily tasks that don’t involve personal care are called “instrumental activities of daily living.” These could be tasks like:

  • Doing light housework and fixing simple meals
  • Making grocery lists, going shopping, or running errands
  • Feeding and caring for pets
  • Driving clients to the doctor or other outings
  • Making sure clients take medications on time
  • Playing games, reading aloud, or just being a good company

Private duty home care is also called private duty care, home care, custodial care, or senior care. It is “unskilled care” given by home care adies. These aides are specialy trained companions. Some home care aides are certified nursing assistants (CNAs).
A registered nurse (RN) usually oversees private duty home care services. The RN creates the care plan, follows up with the client, and directs aides. RNs act as managers in this case.
Private duty home care is different from home health care. Home health care is “skilled care”, or medical care. It’s care that people must have a license to give. This includes things like giving shots or physical therapy. RNs, licensed practical nurses (LPNs), and therapists provie skilled care.
How Private Duty Home Care Works
1. Referral
You are struggling with day-to-day tasks, you can no longer handle car eon your own, but you want to stay at home. You, a loved one , or a friend can call private duty home care. You do not need a doctor’s order.
2. Eligibility
There is no age limit for private duty home care. Some people think only seniors receive home care. But people of any age who need help with day-to-day tastks can get services. This coud be someone who is ill, has a handicap, or who just had surgery.
3. Payment
In most cases, private duty home care is an out-of-pocket expense. Some insurance plans may pay for unskilled home care. Check with us to see what is covered. 

  • Low income clients may apply for Medicaid. Rules vary by state.
  • Disabled veterans can get help from government programs. Check with the Department of Veterans Affairs.
  • Some large employers may let employees set aside money for home care.

4. The Service Plan
Call us to talk about what services may be best for you. We may come to your home to get the whole picture. We will go over things such as:

  • Mental Health: Do you have a disorder? Are you forgetful or depressed? Do you keep in touch with loved ones or prefer to be alone? How much interest do you show in daily life?
  • Physical Health: Do you have an ongoing illness, like diabetes or arthritis? Can you hear, see, and get around easily? Are there problems with sleeping, pain, or going to the bathroom? Who is your regular doctor? What medicines are you taking?
  • Daily Routine: Do you have people coming by to help? Which ADLs can you do on your own? Do you know how to get help in case of an emergency?
  • The Home: Can you move around the house without the risk of falling? Are there safety hazards such as stairs, long cales, or sharp edges? We can give you tips on making your home safer.

5. Delivering Care Private duty home care is, of course, delivered at home. In some cases, we may bring services to clients who are in a facility.
6. Making the Plan Work. The home care aides will visit at regular times based on the service plan. We will try to match home care adies with you based on skill set and personality. You can change the schedule or services at any time.
If you or a loved one is struggling with day-to-day tasks at home, we’re here for you. Call us today.
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