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2015 Year-End Tax Planning Basics

From Jamie Kresge of the Abington Financial Group  As the end of the 2015 tax year approaches, set aside some time to evaluate your situation and consider potential opportunities. Effective year-end planning depends on a good understanding of both your current circumstances and how those circumstances might change next year. Basic strategies Consider whether there’s an… Read more »

5 Bad Money Moves

These are some of the worst investments and financial products you can sink your money into, by Allan Roth, AARP The Magazine, April/May 2014 When we watch Leonardo DiCaprio as real-life broker Jordan Belfort in The Wolf of Wall Street, it’s easy to think that we’d never fall for the cold-call pitches that Leo and his minions use to… Read more »

SCAM ALERT: 6 Common Scams You Need to Be Aware Of

Source from AARP Bulletin by Sid Kirchheimer, AARP Bulletin Romance Romance scammers cruise online dating websites, posting hundreds of messages a day. After weeks of cyber sweet talk tailored to potential victims’ responses, schemers inevitably request money — typically via wire transfer — saying they need it for a plane ticket to come visit or to deal with… Read more »

SCAM ALERT! Scary New Fact

Every 2 seconds, someone’s identity is stolen.  According to a new California Study, as long as it took you to read this sentence so far, 3 people have had their identities stolen. The fight against fraud and identity theft seems to be dropping, $3 billion less was stolen from Americans than last year, however institutions… Read more »

Scam Alert! Criminals Impersonating Government Agencies

Source from: Nicole Vincent Fleming, Consumer Education Specialist, Federal Trade Commission  According to the Federal Trade Commission, criminals are impersonating law firms, judges and court officials by tricking citizens into thinking they owe a substantial amount of money in the form of an unpaid loan. The letters received in the mail look official, especially if they… Read more »