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What Not to Do When You Have Insomnia

12 Tips to Sleep Better Tonight

Source from Everyday Health, written by Linda B. White, MD “I’ll sleep when I’m dead,” sang singer-songwriter Warren Zevon. So did Bon Jovi and The Cure and other bands. Sleepy? That’s what’s caffeine (and other stimulants) are for, right? Wrong—although caffeine can be a useful tool. Also, the dead don’t sleep.…

10 Signs You're Sleep-Deprived

Source: The Huffington Post, Written by Rachel Grumman Bender forYouBeauty.com You may boast that you’re already asleep before your head even hits the pillow, but if you’re conking out that quickly, here’s your wake-up call: That’s a clear sign of sleep deprivation. And that’s just one of the warning signs…
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