Summer Safety Tips

Source from Blue Cross Blue Shield Newsletter: Health Matters

Bike Safety

  • Wear appropriate and properly fitting bike helmets
  • Make sure that your bike has reflector lights
  • Properly inflate your tires and check your treads

Car Safety

  • Using the right size car seat, booster seat and seat belt saves lives
  • There is no safe distance to travel without a restraint for adults and children

Stay Properly Hydrated

  • Water is the best way to prevent dehydration
  • Drink plenty of water before exercise and carry water with you to replenish fluids
  • Try to stay away from sugary drinks

Sun Safety

  • Ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun can damage your skin in less than 15 minutes
  • Minimize exposure by wearing protective clothing and sunscreen
  • Reapply sunscreen at least every 2 hours, and more often when swimming

Swimming Safety

  • Monitor your children and keep younger ones within an arm’s length
  • Don’t swim alone
  • Younger and inexperienced swimmers should wear life jackets