See Why Our Employees Work For CareGivers America

” I am blessed to know what my vocation is in this life. I know I am here to bring people home. When I go to a hospital or nursing home, and someone asks me if we can help them so they can go home, my answer is ‘yes’ “. The relief in their eyes is humbling. I have been known to follow ambulances – not to go where they are going, but to follow them when they are taking someone home.”

-Mary Ann Villanti
Regional Manager

“I’ve been at CareGivers America now for 2 years and though it has its good days and its crazy days, I could not imagine myself anywhere else. The Allentown office makes the best of everyday with a positive attitude and we praise each others hard work because we know we are here to focus primarily on our consumers and caregivers needs. Most importantly, the consumers and caregivers are what make my job possible and I give tremendous thanks to our caregivers for their commitment to the consumers and the dedication to make a difference in someone’s life. It is said in our office that we are a T.E.A.M., which stands for TOGETHER EVERYONE ACHIEVES MORE!”

-Jenny Snyder
Allentown Care Coordinator

“I have been with CGA 4 year’s and in the 4 year’s of my employment they have proved to me with the feeling that this company is a very family orientated company. CGA work’s with you through your up’s and down’s and always considers your suggestions and question for the better of CGA and our work environment as well as the better of our DCW’s and their consumer’s. Over all CGA is a family friendly company.

Although a young company compared to most, we have a real get up and go experienced and new attitude toward’s getting the job done. CGA is a great place to work, learn and grow.”

-Andrea Mills
Milford Care Coordinator

“CGA is the most patient centered, patient focused company I have ever worked for! It’s great to be a part of a company that puts our patient needs before all else! I have worked in every healthcare setting, and home care for CGA is by far my favorite!”

– Michele Ozgar
Director of Rehabilitation

“The people at CGA are a pleasure to work with and make it enjoyable to come to work. I love being a part of something larger that makes a difference. The opportunities for advancement are endless and promotions are given internally often.”

-Christine Duffy
Training and Development Manager


Our employees strive to help others everyday coming into work and we cannot thank them enough for all they do.

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