Saving a Buck

From AARP Bulletin, written by: Sid Kirchheimer

Rx Relief 

Paying more for your meds? If your prescriptions aren’t among the popular generics that sell for as little as $4 for a month’s supply, try these ways to save: Print coupons and compare prices in your area at websites GoodRx, LowestMed, and OptimizeRx. Ask your pharmacist about manufacturer savings cards or discount cards, and visit a drug’s official website for free trial offers and coupons. At industry-run see if you qualify for low-or no-cost medication programs.

Airfare Deals

The besttime to book a domestic flight is typically 47 days before takeoff, says, which analyzed 5 million trips involving 1.5 billion potential fares. Even better if it’s a Tuesday, the reigning “cheapest” day. (Book at about 3pm ET., advises If you’re flying to Latin America, the cheapest fares are available about 96 days in advance. To Europe it’s 276 days, and to Mexico it’s 251 days. Fun fact: A trip’s price typically changes 70 times.

Recipe Redo

Cook up savings by using frozen or canned fruits, vegetables and meats in your recipes. They’re typically less expensive than their fresh counterparts but are equall nutritious, says Kathleen M. Zelman, WebMD’s director of nutrition. She notes that fish and poultry are flash frozen to retain freshness, while produce is typically prepared at the peak of ripeness, when nutrients are most plentiful. Just rinse canned foods to remove salty water or syrups.