Safety Issues for Seniors at Home

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Safety is often a top priority for seniors, whether they live alone or not. As people get older it becomes more difficult for them to do a number of tasks they used to take for granted. There are many things that can easily be overlooked with regard to safety issues around the home for seniors.
Here are three commonly overlooked issues that may need to be addressed in order to help keep a senior safe within the comfort of his or her home.
Commonly Overlooked Safety Issue #1: The bathtub
Most homes either have a bathtub with a shower head or a walk in shower. In either case, plastic, porcelain, or ceramic tile is the most common surface along the sides or wall and base. These materials can become extremely slick when wet, and any loss of balance can cause a person to jerk around, flail their arms, or do whatever they can to try and maintain their balance before they fall.
It’s a good idea to consider installing grab bars in the bathtub or shower surround for the senior. A shower seat can also be a good idea. By overlooking these issues, even a seemingly strong and relatively healthy adult senior could fall and be seriously injured.
Commonly Overlooked Safety Issue #2: The walkway outside
After a long winter, the walkway outside may need some attention. Snow and ice, refreezing moisture, leaves and sticks, and much more can all pose tripping hazards outside. The refreezing moisture can get into cracks, freeze, and make those cracks bigger, creating potholes where a person could inadvertently lose their balance and fall down.
It’s a good idea to have an experienced professional evaluate the condition of the walkway and make any repairs necessary as soon as possible.
Commonly Overlooked Safety Issue #3: Smoke detectors
Most people have a tendency to forget all about their smoke detectors unless they begin beeping, usually indicating a low battery. It’s easy in the middle of night to simply disconnect the battery other than replace, but then again it’s also easy to forget to replace it.
Go around the house and replace the batteries at least once a year, if not twice, usually in the spring and fall.
When you focus on these safety issues for seniors, it will help to create a safer home environment without the increased risk of serious injuries that can result from slip and fall accidents or other hazards.

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