Quick Health Facts

Written by Candy Sagon and Elizabeth Agnvall, AARP

Reversing Aging: Blood from young mice appears to reverse the effects of aging in older mice, restoring the recipient’s muscle and brain function, according to three new studies published in the journals Science and Nature Medicine. Researchers say the findings have important implications for treating Alzheimer’s and other diseases of aging.  Clinical trials in humans may begin later this year.

Give Peas a Chance: Lowering your cholesterol and reducing your heart disease risk may be as easy as eating a daily serving of beans, split peas, chickpeas, or lentils. Researchers reported that about three-quarters of a cup of daily of any of these legumes resulted in a 5 percent drop in”bad” LDL cholesterol-thereby reducing heart disease risk.

Heart Change: Medicare has announced that it will cover cardiac rehab for some patients who suffer from stable but chronic heart failure, a costly debilitating condition that could be improved with supervised exercise and counseling. Heart failure is the most common reason Medicare beneficiaries end up in the hospital.

Good Morning, Sunshine: Exposure to bright early morning light may help you manage your weight, suggests a Northwestern University study. People who had most of their light exposure in the morning, starting at 8, had a significantly lower amount of body fat than those who got most of their light later in the day.