Prepare for Your Interview

  1. Please complete our online application first.
  2. You will be scheduled for a face to face interview
  3. We will need at least two professional references in which we can contact and verify employment history
  4. We will run the following criminal background checks upon hire:
    – Criminal Background Check
    – Child Abuse Clearance
    – FBI Check, as applicable
    – Magistrate Dockets
    – Motor Vehicle Check
    – Megan’s Law
    – Drug TestingPrepare for CareGiver Job Interview
  5. At time of orientation, we will need copies of the following:
    – Drivers License
    – Social Security Card
    – Car Registration
    – Car Insurance
    – Voided check for direct deposit
    – Professional License
    – CPR Certification
    – Most recent PPD/TB
    – Most recent physical
    – Date of last vehicle inspection
    – Copies of any recent background checks
    – Evidence of training, certification, or continuing education, as applicable.