Home Care for Seniors with Dementia

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Source from http://www.alzheimerscaretoday.com

As the population ages, there are more people who are choosing alternative ways to care for their loved ones and are able to stay at home. A symptom of aging and brain impairment can be dementia, its symptoms affect quite a large population in the USA.

Taking care of an elderly loved one can be difficult depending on the level of care that they need. Those with mild to moderate dementia can be taken care of without having to dive into medical certificates or having nursing assistance, as those with more needs or a progressed level of dementia will need more specific care.
For those with mild and moderate dementia, even at home care can be trying with a loved one. It is important to keep patience and remind yourself that you are giving your loved one the best care possible. Daily tasks and personal care will be the tasks that family members usually absolve for their senior or elderly family member with dementia. When doing this its important to keep a routine and start to be able to help your loved one remember what to do on a daily basis. The routine provide stability for both the caregiver and the loved one.
It is also important to keep things clean when at home. For those suffering from dementia, it is easy to forget to perform daily chores and cleaning tasks. Those who have moderate dementia may require help with cleaning out the fridge and making sure that all food is edible and not before the expiry date. Keeping on top of food levels and expiration dates is part of the daily caregivers job.
Many caregivers develop issues when dealing with stress and the guilt of taking care of a loved one, especially when it comes to taking care of their spouses. It has been found that there can be some stressors regarding holidays schedule, when to spend time with a loved one that has been put in a home or the guilt of not being able to visit as well as work. It is important to help new caregivers, either in home or out of home, with support, kindness and listening to them as much as possible. Any help that can be offered to a new family caregiver is a gesture of good will and can help take off many a burden.
At the moment, almost ¼ of all caregivers in the home are family members.
This is due to the aging population and possibly the economic crisis that has left America with many family members as caregivers. This can put a large financial and emotional stress on the family, so its important to take steps to counteract any possible stresses.
There are many ways to start taking care with your family member or loved one with Dementia, but one way is to follow a strict routine and be patient. As most cases of Dementia can be progressive, it is essential to realize that taking care of the family member in the home may become more difficult and if a mild or moderate case moves to severe, it is necessary to get live out treatment. Reach out for family and spousal support, as it will be needed and welcomed in the home.

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