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Elder CaregiversFor many people, growing older means:

  • A loss of health and mobility and increasing isolation because of those losses
  • The inability to keep up with the chores around the house and the loss of spirit and pride that comes from not being able to keep up
  • The necessity to rely on family for support and the guilt and helplessness that comes from having to rely on those that once relied on and looked up to you
  • Stress and strain on you and your loved ones as they struggle to assist you
  • Heartbreaking family experiences which are fraught with anger, guilt, stress and strain
  • Hard decisions that involve changing how and where you live
  • An eventual loss of independence and with it the ability to do the things that are pleasing to you
  • A loss of friends and possessions which mean the world to you
  • Environments that are emotionally uncomfortable and lonely
  • An existence which is increasingly without purpose

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