Could it be a pinched nerve?


Pinched nerves, which occur when too much pressure is applied to a nerve by surrounding tissues, such as bones, cartilage or muscles, can be painful and irritating. Understanding if you’re at an increased risk of one day experiencing a pinched nerve is the best way to prevent it. Here are five risk factors:


  1. Posture. Proper posture decreases the pressure to your spine and nerves.
  2. Bone spurs. Conditions like osteoarthritis can cause you to develop bone spurs. They can stiffen the spine and narrow the space where your nerves travel.
  3. Overuse. Activities that involve extensive use of your hands, wrists, and shoulders can increase your risk of a pinched nerve.
  4. Obesity. Having excess weight adds more pressure from muscles and body tissue onto your nerves.
  5. Pregnancy. Weight gain from pregnancy can swell your nerve passages and pinch your nerves.

Source from Health Connections, a publication of Commonwealth Health