Beating the Monday Blues

Source from The Huffington Post

Every week it comes around and every week we feel miserable that it’s the start of a new work week. UGH MONDAYS! However, you don’t need to feel so miserable! If you follow these 7 steps, you’re guaranteed to start your Monday mornings off fresh and ready!

1. Get More Sleep: 40 percent of Americans get far less than the recommended seven hours a night. People tend to sleep in on weekends, but don’t get to bed early enough to get enough zzz’s on weekdays. Fixing that will feel better.

2. Watch Less TV: . If you have a favorite show that you look forward tuning into once a week, then by all means do it. But if you’re just spacing out on the couch flipping through channels, no wonder your weekday is falling flat. If you’re too tired to do anything but sit on the couch all night, then you might as well just go to bed and get the sleep your body needs.

3. Make More Mid-Week Plans: Another common denominator of American’s favorite days of the year? Beyond being holidays, they were days that are spent connecting with people. Plan to meet a friend for lunch or dinner mid-week, or ask one to be your exercise buddy on morning walks during the week. If you’re schedule is too busy during the week to make time, try your best, the results will be worth it.

4. Stop Rushing: Being in a rush will always feel stressful, and it could make your whole day feel worse. Stay calm and focused in the morning by waking up earlier, drink your coffee at home, instead of getting it on the run, and just relax to reduce stress.

5. Give Yourself a Start-of-the-Week Treat: If you know you hate Mondays, try to find something that you do like to do that day. (Or if Wednesday is the day that always drags you down, schedule it for then.) If there’s a tough meeting you have to have, don’t schedule it for a down day. If you know you always get stuck in traffic on a certain morning, leave a little earlier and stop to get breakfast on your way in instead.

6. Turn Off the News: What’s going on in national news does tend to have an effect on the national mood. If you’re the type of person who gets really absorbed by watching bad news unfold, tell yourself to turn it off, particularly when something dramatic like a shooting happens that might yield a lot of coverage.

7. Take the time to evaluate: What’s the real key to any of these changes? Taking the time to make minor adjustments will go far to help lower stress and increase happiness if you understand how to balance your time.