AARP Report Outlines Growing Need for Family Caregiver Support in the Workplace

The AARP Public Policy Institute released a report outlining the growing need to modernize workplace leave policies for family caregivers. According to the report, nearly two out of three workers aged 45-74 have caregiving responsibility for an aging or other adult relative.

Currently, the only major federal public policy that addresses the need to take time off from work to care for family members is the 1993 Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), which guarantees unpaid leave for a worker’s own health needs or for family care. However, only some workers are covered and some covered workers cannot use the FMLA because the
person they care for (such as a grandparent) is not covered by the law.

In the report, AARP makes a number of policy recommendations to bring policies in line with the realities of family caregiving, including increasing the reach of the FMLA by expanding coverage to include domestic partners, parents-in-law, grandparents and siblings. Require employers to protect workers in businesses with fewer than 50 employees.

Click here to download the full report.