4 Great Ways To Break The Hypnotic Spell Over Your Life

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Written by Virginia Sullivan, from the Huffington Post

In the running world, when you’ve laid off running for a while the first run you make is the “break the spell” run. No matter how long I’ve laid off, during that first run I’m able to shake off the lethargy of not running and get back on the road with just me, my thoughts and my sneakers.
I’m a creature of habit, and it’s amazing how quickly for me that I get out of the mode of running. Lay off a week or two and I can hardly remember the pace of the movement, the rhythm of my breathing and the feel of moving across the ground. But, once I start that first run, it all comes back to me quickly and life is good again.
But now I realize that breaking the spell can apply to many things. Laying off men after a bad breakup? Break the spell. Lost your job and haven’t started looking? Break the spell. Got bored of Facebook but miss hearing from your friends? Break the spell. Like getting back on the horse, breaking the spell can get you back to the things you love.
So here are my tips for breaking the spell and getting back to doing the things in life that make you happy:
You don’t have to do your best: That first run, that first post, that first date — doesn’t have to be the best you’ve ever done. Just make sure you do it. It doesn’t have to be 3 miles, doesn’t have to be the best resume you’ve ever sent out — but the action of sending it is the next step in a long journey.
You won’t go back to the beginning: You may not do well that first time out — but whatever you’ve laid off is a part of you and you will recognize it when you start. “Oh yeah….I remember how I did this…”

Have faith in who you are:
 For me, once I do the first run, article, or job application, my natural ability takes over and I’m back into my routine. Rather than having lost all my ability — I realize that I had it all along. I got this!
Stop the voices in your Head: What if the date isn’t perfect? What if no one responds to Facebook post? Why am I doing this at all? It was supposed to be fun and now it’s so much more. Blah..Blah…blah… You know these voices aren’t true and if you listen to them you might become a believer. Stop them now.
Laying off blogging for a few weeks? Break the spell! Wait a minute. Where did that come from? I love to blog, I love my blogging friends. I love hearing from my readers. I guess even with the things you love you may have times when you slow down doing them and need to get back on the horse. Call on a friend- make a commitment to someone else or better yet, share it with someone.
So, if you have something you need to start up again, some kind of change you need to do in your life — don’t let anything stop you. Set the date to do it, or call a friend. Get out there and Break the Spell!

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