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More Workplaces Offer Flexibility for Caregiving, Study Shows

Source AARP Blog Finally, employers seem to be getting the message that many of their workers have caregiving demands. Increasingly, both nonprofit and for-profit companies are offering workplace flexibility, paid and unpaid leave, and resource and referral services, according to the 2014 National Study of Employers released today by the Families and Work Institute (FWI), along with the Society for Human Resource…

Surprising Uses for Lemons!

Recipe of the Week: Fresh Corn and Red Pepper Bisque

Home Health Patients Are 3x Less Likely to be Admitted to Hospital with Meditation

Source from Medical News Today Low-risk Medicare patients entering home health care who received medication therapy management by phone were three times less likely to be hospitalized within the next two months, while those at greater risk saw no benefit, according to a study led by Purdue University. The study helped determine…

How To Shut Off Your Brain When You Just Can't Sleep

Keep Stress from Causing an Upset Stomach

Source from Everyday Health, By Diana Rodriguez, Medically reviewed by Pat F. Bass III, MD, MPH Stress can cause stomachaches, diarrhea, and other digestive problems, but stress management can keep them under control. If you get butterflies in your stomach when you have to give a speech, drive through white-knuckle traffic, or argue with…

CareGivers America on Youtube!

Enjoy the comforts of home as long as possible!

For many people, growing older means: A loss of health and mobility and increasing isolation because of those losses The inability to keep up with the chores around the house and the loss of spirit and pride that comes from not being able to keep up The necessity to rely…

Eat Red for Heart Health

Recipe of the Week: Chilled Tomato Soup With Cilantro-Yogurt Swirl

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